How to use

Prior consultation


Problem examination

  • Based on application contents, I examine the right or wrong of the application by this business.
  • When I am adopted, I send an approval book from a nanotech office.


  • ? On the use date and time, please use it after meeting with assistant beforehand.me.
  • If a bill arrives after the use at hand, please transfer charging to an account appointed before a date. In addition, please be careful because 5% a year of arrearages occur when the receipt of money is not performed by (from a bill issue date less than 30 days) in a deadline for payment that this school appoints.

Result report

  • Because this business is carried out for trust costs from MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology_Japan, as for the results of research, an exhibition becomes the principle.
  • You summarize it in a use report about the contents which received support by an appointed date, and please submit it to the nanotech office. Because if an end of the fiscal year approaches when relate to a style, contact me toward the application representative; thanking you in advance.
  • When it is necessary to stop a result exhibition, I can reprieve presentation a year. Please inform it of a public postponement and a reason to do beforehand. But please submit results report by all means in the next end of the fiscal year.

Notice matter

  • This support project is run as nanotechnology platform business of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and, as a general rule, will have a report about the use by the payment and a use result.
  • When you perform an article, a presentation at the meeting and a patent, press announcement using use result of this business, please contact me by all means.
  • An article, the presentation at the meeting, please describe the effect of the use of this business in an address of gratitude by all means.