How to use

Prior consultation


Problem examination

  • We examine whether your application matches this project
  • When we decide to accept , we send a letter of acceptance.


  • For your useing , please consult about your schedule and your examination to assistant beforehand.
  • If a bill arrives after the use at hand, please transfer charging to an account appointed before a date. In addition, please be careful because 5% a year of arrearages occur when the receipt of money is not performed by (from a bill issue date less than 30 days) in a deadline for payment that this school appoints.

Result report

  • Because this project is carried out for trust costs of MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan),in principle it is a rule to exhibit the results of your research .
  • Please summarize and send your use report to the nanotech office by the appointed date. When an end of the fiscal year approaches, we contact you about the use report.
  • If you have necessity to stop publication, you can reprieve up to two years to publish your use report. Please inform it of a public postponement and a reason to do beforehand. But please submit results report by all means in the next end of the fiscal year.

Notice matter

  • This support run as The "Nanotechnology Platform Japan (NTPJ)" projected by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). As a general rule, we will have payments and use reports for usages.
  • When you perform an article, a presentation at the meeting and a patent, press announcement using use result of this business, please contact me by all means.
  • In an article, the presentation at the meeting, please describe the acknowledgement to this project by all means.