I promote use of combination by various users of the industry-university co-operation official by an engine having the highest research facility about nanotechnology and know-how of the utilization cooperating as for this business closely, and building a study base (platform) of the nationwide nanotechnology and provide the shortest approach to a solution to the problem for an individual user and am intended that I promote industry-university co-operation official cooperation and different field fusion.


Summary : Kyusyu University Molecule & Materials Synthesis Platform

 In national university corporation Kyushu University, I support it technically about molecules, material composition generally and am aimed for the creation of results of research to lead to innovation. It is synthesis of new molecules, material to support the basics of nanotechnology study and is the technique that puts them together again, and builds new nano structure. I utilize study assets of Kyushu University to be concerned with for nanostructure construction and support the analysis of composition and nano construction of the organic inorganic organic nothing machine composite material and the function depending on the request of the outside researcher of the product government college with the synthesis of molecules, material accumulated so far. I support nanotechnology-related molecules, de novo synthesis development study of the material material to contribute to green life innovation, and industry of the result through creation and the product government college cooperation of the arts and sciences domain plans making it it for bread by the high scientific result by the user newly and forms the nanotech molecules, material composition study base for the purpose of performance enhancement, maintenance of the research facility meeting advanced study needs for a long term and upbringing of the constant young person researcher. Therefore, I support a study to modify molecules, material composition using a classification, the nanotech study support apparatus which I registered around Kyushu jurisdiction in surface properties of matter analyzer group, spectrometry device group, support equipment group purified nanomaterial composition, surface nano shape analyzer group, nano structure analysis device group and the nano bio measurement support equipment group.

Contents of the support project

  • Use of equipment: A user operates a device of this university by oneself and performs processing, analysis.
  • Collaborative investigation: I perform a nanotech study with the staff (professor, associate professor) of this university.
  • Technical representation: The staff of this university performs processing, analysis.
  • It becomes the premise in this support project to generally show study contents, result.
  • The expenses that it costs for the use are different every device (list of charges).

Enforcement person in charge

  • Professor Naotoshi Nakashima (Graduate school of engineering,Kyushu University)

The Brochure

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